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A single, unconventional mom raises her son to be an exceptional young man. 

Director & Crew

From first time Writer and Director Cathy Lynn Yonek, comes this comedic short.  The Crew is comprised of Award Winners beginning with the Director of Photography Domenico Grasso, to the First AD, Jonnie Stapleton.  Editor, Mike Nicholas rounds out the group.


January 2019

Average Mom accepted into the APEX Film Festival! 

January 2019

Average Mom accepted in the Ocean City Maryland Film Festival in the 'Films That Make You Feel Good' Category!

December 2018 

Average Mom accepted into My Love Michelle Film Festival

November 2018

Average Mom accepted God Family Country Christian Film Festival.

November 2018

Average Mom accepted Marcellus Mini Movie Family Festival, received Highly Commended Status.

October 2018

Average Mom accepted Beach Cities Inspirational Film Festival

October 2018

Average Mom accepted Citizen Jane Film Festival, Family Friendly Films! 

August 2018

Average Mom accepted Indigo Moon Film Festival

August 2018

Average Mom accepted Female Fuse Film Festival 

July 2018

Average Mom semi-finalist The Christian Family Film Festival, Ellington, NY. 

July 2018

Average Mom award winner Christian Family Film Festival.

July 2018

Average Mom accepted into The San Antonio Film Festival. 

June 2018

Average Mom accepted into The Burbank International Film Festival for Films By Women.

June 2018

Cathy Lynn Yonek accepted into The Alliance of Women Directors.

May 2018

Average Mom selected as Presenting Sponsor for LUNAFEST 2018. More details to follow!

May 2018

Average Mom named a semi-finalist in The Moving Parts Film Festival!

March 2018

Average Mom trailer selected as a semi-finalist in The Festival for Family and Drama Film and Writing Festival.

Average Mom, official selection in The International Christian Film Festival

Lead actor Louie Enriquez nominated for best actor by The International Christian Film Festival.   

January 2018 

Average Mom Accepted  into The Women's only Entertainment Film Festival as our first official Selection

Festival Acceptance, Feature Film and TV Series updates will be posted here as they are secured as well 

Average Mom Trailer


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